This is one of my favorite posts, so I thought I’d share it again with new readers. I hope you enjoy! 

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is getting our bodies in an alkaline state. Why is this so important? Put simply, disease thrives in an acidic environment, not in an oxygenated alkaline one. So keeping your body in a slightly alkaline state is optimal.

This is how it works. The pH scale goes from very acidic to very alkaline. Neutral state is 7.0 and anything lower than this is slightly acidic to very acidic. Anything above 7.0 is slightly alkaline to very alkaline. So the ideal way to eat is 80/20 – 60/40 alkaline/acidic.   Just remember the most ideal yummy beautiful foods are going to be all those green leafy veggies such as lettuce, kale, wheat grass, cucumbers; you get the idea. Other great foods include avocado (love me some guacamole), cruciferous veggies, watermelon, lemon limes and grapefruits.  Even though you may be saying those are acidic fruits, they actually have an alkalizing effect on the body. Also, raw and sun-dried tomatoes are alkaline while cooked tomatoes are acidic.

The most acidic foods are all animal products. This includes dairy, sugar (that demon sugar tastes so good but is so evil), and coffee! I know you are thinking, “I just can’t function without my cup of java in the morning.” All things are okay in moderation and giving up coffee is hard; I should know it took me a year to finally do it. But coffee is a whole subject of it’s own.

So what’s eating you? Acid that’s what. When your pH levels are too low it means acid is scorching your heart and brain cells, your muscles, bones and joints, every organ of your body 24 hours a day.  Ever wonder why you are tired and in a bad mood most of the time?  Remember this, all the time you spend in an acidic state, your body has to pull minerals from your bones and teeth to try to bring you back to an alkaline state.  As said by Dr. Linus Pauling,  “You can trace every sickness and every ailment to a mineral deficiency (that includes acne).”

When I decided to write this article, my intention was to keep this simple, hoping to get you motivated to read more on the subject and get with the program. Now when you are looking at all the different charts they will vary slightly ‑ don’t stress. Just remember to do your best and if you do eat animal products at every meal, cut it to small amounts, and you will be in much better shape. If you continue to stuff your face with them two or three times a day; no matter what magic pill, surgery, or treatment the medical field comes up with, it’s still just a Band-Aid. You have the ability to take charge of your own health. It is as simple as that.

There are ways to test your pH balance. The simplest and most accurate is to test your urine with litmus paper strips. These are available at drugs stores and online. You should test yourself at least three times a day for a week because levels fluctuate. After a few weeks, you will have a pretty good idea of your body chemistry, and you will eventually be able to recognize when you are too acidic.   Remember, if you regularly eat hamburgers, fries and beer, your first test may read alkaline, because your body is overcompensating by taking the minerals out of your teeth and bones.

One last word of wisdom: Even if you are eating perfectly but you are harboring feelings of anger, resentment, or unforgiveness, and you are still leading a crazy stressed out life; it will be very difficult for your body to get to that optimal range of health. All those things cause an acidic environment.  So let’s get with the program!

A great DVD to watch is Food Matters. One of my favorite parts is when David Wolfe says if we just ate 51% of our diet raw, it would make a huge difference. I once had a client ask me if changing the way she eats really could make a difference in her acne? Of course it can! If changing your diet and thoughts can help cure cancer and other disease; acne is a breeze.  Let’s remember to love and eat your veggies and together we can change the world – one veggie at a time.