Change is not only necessary, it has a purpose. The thing is, it doesn’t always happen when we want it and sometimes it may not be what we desired. In my life I have always found that it might not be what I thought I wanted, but it was what I needed and in retrospect; in His perfect timing.

Changing careers after thirty-five years and moving from a place that I thought I would call home for the rest of my life was not what I had planned but it was in God’s plan and it’s working. We seem to embrace change when it comes to better health, (well not everyone) more prosperity and a better home. But embracing change when the beginning of that process is sometimes painful is a whole different ballgame.
When you fight change or refuse to change, you stop your journey in life. Most of all you lose reverence for God. God’s guidance is found in change.

Life is made up of seasons; just as spring leads to summer and summer to fall and to winter, so are the seasons of life. Some changes occur over a long period of time, while others seem to happen very quickly. Nothing stays the same forever, except God. So make up your mind now to embrace change because it is inevitable.

A lot of changes that come into our lives seem to undo what has been done, for example I was going along running a successful skincare clinic, having a great time making new friends and living the life in Austin Texas; when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Little did I know how much this would change the path of my life. God didn’t give me cancer. Let’s get that straight right away. He is all good and doesn’t give out disease like candy; but God said he would be with me every moment of the way and I chose Life, therefore change had to happen. Praise God!

These changes may seem like setbacks, but they are just set ups for a comeback and all changes come to take us to a new level. Limbs of a tree need to be pruned to produce healthier fruit. What I am saying here is, you can’t live today on yesterday’s victories and experiences. Change brings new strength and growth. Embrace it for change has great value. You can use change to create and move ahead. Change is your friend; it allows you to be inspired. Leaders exist for change.

God wants to do new things in your life. Change is a glorious gift even when you may not understand the reason at the moment, but fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a wild ride.