venus_smallThe storm is brewing! In part one I discussed how cancer just doesn’t show up on your doorstop one day. The day a person gets a diagnosis of cancer is not the day it knocked on their door. It was brewing for a long time, sometimes decades; after all cancer is the perfect storm and it takes more than a gene to get the storm brewing. In fact, as I stated in Part 1, your genes are not the problem. Over and over in many studies, research shows that genetics only play around 2% in any sickness or disease.

So how does the body’s immune system break down to a point that you hear those dreaded words: “You’ve got cancer.” It’s a process. Let’s look at cancer like this: there are two causes — deficiency and toxicity — which lead to malfunctioning cells; but there are six pathways which lead to deficiency and toxicity.

  1. Mental, your belief system, stress, and your environment.
  2. Nutrition
  3. Toxins
  4. Physical
  5. Medical
  6. Genes

Research has shown that it takes two or more factors to even activate a gene or mutate your DNA.  Those poor genes –they are always getting a bum rap.

Guess what starts this process faster than anything else. Your “mind!” Remember, your body is your servant of the mind. Another way to say it is what a man thinks, so he is. We all know but often forget that there is life and death in the tongue.

Your mental state plays the largest role in your happiness and health. During my journey to wellness and leaving a cancer diagnosis in the dust, I saw many people who did everything right, such as eating all the right food, getting their IV treatments and such; but they either didn’t make it or gave up because their healing didn’t come as soon as they wanted (which usually was yesterday!) What were they missing? Stress was still a big part of their life and they didn’t seem to understand that before you can heal physically, you must get to the root of the problem and that means REST!  I found rest in the Lord, and I waited on Him to guide me. I had to let the fear go and take a good look at myself. Who had I not forgiven? Was their still anger and bitterness in my heart?  I had my work to do! My “re-search” proved what I knew: forgiveness is the beginning of all healing- Hands Down!

When we are stressed and busy all the time it’s hard to take a good look at ourselves, maybe that’s why many people keep so busy.

Stress has skyrocketed since the 1980s. I did love the 80s but that’s a whole different story. People who analyze trends over time have shown that there is so much more stress today than 30 years ago. This may explain why diseases such as cancer are on the rise and not slowing down. It’s time for some preventative measures in our lives. I do believe ‘Prevention” is the cure for cancer and other diseases but the prescription starts with our mindset.

What is your prevention treatment?  As you staying busy to avoid something?  What is your mind telling your body?  Remember, the cells in our bodies don’t get sarcasm or comedy, they take everything at face value.  Our self-talk is a first step for seeing what we are telling ourselves to bring to fruition.

Stay tuned for The Perfect Storm-Part 3:  Stress it’s a killer!