I think of myself as a person who has a healthy outlook on life AND death. I mean death is inevitable, right? All living things eventually die. When we have an elderly friend or relative die, we will likely say, “She or he had a good, long life.” When a child’s life is taken, we are perplexed. It doesn’t make sense; they were just getting started on their journey.  So “Why” was this life taken so early?  We may never know why.

When it comes to our pets, for me at least, it is one of the most brutal things, having to make the choice to end their suffering. It is a gift of love when you do this, but it is heart wrenching and can be devastating even if it is the right thing to do.

I spent the two weeks prior to Thanksgiving in agony; my beloved Iggy was not well. He was constantly screaming in pain, drooling because his stomach hurt and showing no indications of an appetite. The pain was so bad, I could barely even touch him without him yelping. This alone is heartbreaking because you want to pet and hug your friends to comfort them. I couldn’t even show that tiny gesture. I spent a day doing nothing but mourning.  Iggy’s poor veterinarian, who also happens to be my good friend, had to console me while I contemplated the decision. My vet is the best, and she was close to expecting her second child.

But then miracles happen; they sure do in my life! After work one day, I just happened to be in the neighborhood of my good friend Pam, you know the one from New Zealand, the one I talk about in my book. Well when we get together, it’s all about health and the new things we have discovered since we last spoke.

Pam loves animals as much as I do, therefore I had to tell her about Iggy. Instead of getting upset, she was elated to tell me about a product  Serra Pet , something she had given to one of her cats when they thought she had cancer. It worked so well, Honey is still with us. Pam just happened to have half a bottle, and being the generous person that she is, she offered it to me to try on Iggy. Well low and behold in 24 hours, my baby was feeling better. I took him off his prescription pain pills. Not sure what I had been thinking. I won’t even take a prescription, so why had I given my dog one. I will tell you why… when you love a pet as much as I love Iggy, you do not want him in pain, and you will do anything to try and help.

After a week on a high dose of Serra Pet, he was getting back to the dog I knew. Of course, he is still blind, but at least now he is moving around, not staying in bed all the time and he is no longer screaming in the mornings when he gets up. The best early Christmas gift I could have ever received, and he is showing improvement every day! I will keep him on a therapeutic dose for a couple of months and then slowly decrease the dosage each month, keeping him on a maintenance dosage for the rest of his life. Serra Pet is making a difference because it contains the enzyme, Serrapeptase which reduces the inflammation and removes non-living tissue from the body. All disease starts with inflammation.

To sum this up, I know my boy is getting up there in age and one day I will have to say Goodbye, but not today!