Vegan Dinner Parties

Feasting Vegan

Ready to host your next dinner party without all the fuss? Vegan chef, Venus DeMarco, will prepare a sophisticated,
flavor-forward and plant-based menu in your home. All you’ll need to do is set the table and invite your friends!

We shop locally and organically whenever possible. Our menu is strictly vegan: no animal products (including dairy) are ever used.

To guide you in selecting the perfect wine with your menu, our Sommelier is available for expert pairings from our wine cellar or yours.

“We are still savoring the incredible vegan feast Venus happily fed us in Michigan two Novembers ago! What a great day!
The talk she gave the night before was such an empowering and valuable speech.” Marilynn D., Detroit MI

Autumn Dinner Menu


  • Chef’s choice selected to complement your menu


  • Cream of Broccoli
  • Chilled Creamy Zucchini
  • Minestrone


  • Caprese Salad with Fresh Basil and Balsamic Dressing
  • Magnificent Green Salad with your Choice of Italian or Cashew Plum Vinegar Dressing
  • Fennel Salad with Cucumber and Dill

Main Course

Savory Crabless Cakes with Dill Tartar

  • “Crab Cakes” with dill tartar sauce, seasonal vegetable side and roasted chipotle sweet potatoes

Soul Food Feast

  • Baked mushroom walnut loaf served with Kuzu gravy, roasted Brussel sprouts and choice of mashed potatoes or mac and cheese


  • Raw Salted Caramel Chocolate Pie
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake
  • Apple Pie with a Scoop of Non-Dairy Ice Cream
  • Homemade Truffle Assortment

Ravioli Cruda (Raw)

  • Jicama ravioli stuffed with a delicate nut cheese and pesto, side of zucchini spirals with alfredo sauce

Menus begin at $100 per person (Sommelier service extra)

“Venus prepared an array of mouthwatering vegan food that made even the meat lovers amongst us crow.” Diana, Naples Fl

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