Praise for The Healing Journey of my Bodacious Ta Ta’s

Venus, love the book!  What an inspiring journey you lead people on throughout this book from your diagnosis of cancer to the awakening of your mind, body and soul for God’s healing.   Your common sense approach and humor about your situation coupled with your willingness to recognize the path God led you on will motivate more people to explore the road less taken on the unconventional path.  Many blessings for your success but most of all for the people it will lead to receive their own healing.
– Steve Hines, Traditional Naturopath, Co-Owner of Hope Wellness Center

Venus DeMarco, I am so glad (thanks to Teresa Tapp) that I found you on fb! I have wanted to tell you so many times after hearing you speak at her Beauty Boot Camp Retreat that the things you said were LIFE CHANGING for me! I have always been a health enthusiast (putting it mildly), but you helped me ramp up my quest, and helped to put me in a more focused direction. I will always be greatful to you for that! Thank you!!! (Just goes to show what one thing we might say to someone might be the one thing to radically change their life!)”
– Debbie M.

I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and was fortunate to have been introduced to Venus DeMarco. After a lumpectomy and radiation, I declined chemo and hormone therapy to the dismay of my doctors. Venus supported my decision and inspired me to “say no to chemo” and today I am a one-year survivor! Venus is a great inspiration for those who choose the natural healing path.
– A.K. of Dallas

Upon my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, I contacted Venus DeMarco as I was aware that she had successfully healed her body of cancer via nutrition and supplements. Venus was so helpful in educating me on how powerful the right nutrition can help to heal the body, and she made me realize how much control I have in the healing process. I feel so grateful to have made contact with her; she’s made what could be a very stressful situation much more manageable!
– K.M. of Austin

At the age of 18 I was diagnosed with congenital heart disease, inherited from my father, but as I watched his journey with the disease, despite the fact that he passed from a failed heart transplant, my attitude towards my own condition became flippant and nonchalant. Struck with the threat of cancer 10 years later and the advisement of doctors to cut out a piece of my body to “fix” it, I knew things had to change. That’s when I was introduced to Venus with these seemingly radical ideas about how diet, stress, and emotions can affect your health and everything turned upside down. After following her regimen of eating a raw diet, daily vegetable juicing, and supplement taking, I’ve lost 20+ lbs and have more energy than I’ve had in a very long time. My body is well on its way to working the way it was created to and I can’t thank her enough for the continued counseling and support that she gives. I am simply amazed and excited to see where this new life will take me.
 B.B. of Austin

I heard Venus the other day give a clear and exciting presentation that opened my eyes up to so many amazing new ideas.  Things I have never heard before that has forever changed my point of view.  I’m so glad I was able to experienced Venus’ talk.  I’ll forever remember that experience!
Tonya Hofmann

“Venus is an absolutely amazing person that has in a just a few months totally changed my life! I’m 28 and up until a few months ago I suffered from medium chronic acne with big, nasty cysts underneath my skin that would cause me lots of physical and emotional pain. Venus healed my skin from the inside out. We saw each other for a few sessions and she gave my skin the loving it needed and put me on a few detox cleanses to get the toxins out of my body. I was skeptical because all my life I was told that I needed to be on serious meds (Accutane) to combat all the bacteria in my skin/body so although I was 100% committed to the program Venus came up with I never thought it would work this well. She taught me that my body really does want to be healthy and heal itself I just need to give it the love it needs. No matter what your body ails from I am confident Venus can help your body heal itself. You owe it to yourself to contact her and start feeling better!”
– Alex Mod

“I am writing a letter of appreciation for everything Venus has done for our family!!  My daughter was extremely sick many months, one day it was so bad that we brought her in to the emergency and she was admitted immediately into the hospital, they told us that she had gall bladder issues and wanted to do surgery that day, I was very apprehensive for the simple fact that she was only 8 years old at the time, I wanted another opinion, so the doctor recommend that we take her to Children’s Hospital and the only thing wrong with her was extra stool in her bowels.  I spoke with Venus about this, she helped us with diet and prayer, Sophia is 100% better, she was in 10th percentile with weight and height, now is at 75 percentile. Also, I took on a new job that is extremely stressful, I was having panic attacks, and vertigo issues.  My doctor put me on Lexipro, Xanax and Meclizine.  My symptoms became even worse after the medicine, I had a consultation with Venus, and she put me on a strict diet and prayed for me, I am now off the meds and no issues with vertigo. Knowing Venus DeMarco has completely changed mine and my family’s life for the better, we will be forever grateful.”
– Michelle P.

Venus, I wanted to thank you for an amazing cooking class! My friends & I learned so much from you, and we had fun doing it. The food was fabulous, I can’t wait to try out your other cooked vegan and raw vegan recipes in your cookbook for my family! Thank you so for sharing your knowledge & your fascinating story with us. I’m so excited to read your book.I am definitely having you come back to my home to teach another class.

   -Marie Bertram Garry