Intrigued by plant-based living
but don’t know where to begin?

Then it’s time to partner with a sassy, Italian, health-minded chef to coach you back into the kitchen!

I will teach you how to clean up your pantry, shop with a different mindset and prepare life-giving foods that don’t take hours of work.

You’ll fall in love with taking care of yourself.

Kitchen Reset
I will spend time going through your fridge and pantry, teaching you how to stock a healthy kitchen. You’ll learn the must-haves, as well as what doesn’t belong there! At the end of our session, you’ll know exactly what you need to pull together healthy meals fast. 1 hour – $97

One-on-One Cooking Class
Learn how easy it is to cook simple, healthy and delicious plant based meals. I create a custom menu just for you and show you step-by-step how to cook with raw and natural ingredients. At the end of our session, we’ll enjoy our meal together! 3 hours – $297

The More the Merrier
Gather your friends for a group cooking class, and learn with me. You’re responsible for inviting the party and setting the table. I will create the menu, provide the food and prepare it in your home. I’ll guide you as a group through each recipe, and afterwards we’ll enjoy a vegan feast together. For groups of 8-10. Price varies depending on menu.

Maries cooking class