PerfectAmino_CHART_HighContrast_largeI’m updating this post because of the importance amino acids have in healing the body.  More than just building muscle tissue, these aminos will go the parts of the body that need repair because there is no nitrogen waste which comes from eating a lot of animal products.

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Protein Mysteries Solved!


Do you think by eating enough animal protein, or drinking many protein shakes, that your body is  actually able to utilize all the protein and able to convert  it into essential amino acids? This information might interest you. I love this product and I have found it, to have changed my skin and muscle tone. I am a non animal eater and get plenty of protein from vegetable source’s, such as hempseeds, pea protein and Spirulina, also I eat a large amount of fresh vegetables daily, but found as I got older it was harder to keep great tone. With Perfect Amino I have not only seen a difference in my skin, but also my muscle tone.The best is the new quality of my workouts.

How To Take Perfect Amino


PerfectAmino™ contains the eight essential amino acids the body needs to support and maintain its muscular, skeletal, enzymatic, and hormonal systems. The essential amino acids in PerfectAmino are in the exact proportions needed for maximum utilization by the body.
Many people know that protein is essential for optimum health, but most assume they are consuming enough from food. So why the need for an amino acid supplement? The simple answer is that – yes, you do get good quality from foods such as eggs, meat, fish and nuts but much of the protein in food is not converted into body protein – it just makes waste that the body has to get rid of plus extra calories.
Almost everyone is protein deficient without realizing it – it plays out as a nagging injury that won’t heal in the athlete, or brittle bones in the menopausal women, or constant colds in the child. Protein deficiency is very often something you are aware of, but you just can’t identify and neither does your doctor. Not getting enough protein may mean low hormones, or a low immune system and risk of disease or cancer. So what’s the solution? PerfectAmino is an amino acid supplement that is 99% utilized by the body to make protein. No other form of protein comes close!
PerfectAmino™ Nothing else is utilized as well to make protein.

What’s the Difference Between Protein Sources?

PerfectAmino_CHART_HighContrast_largeQuality, quality, and quality.
The chart illustrates the Amino Acid Utilization (AAU™) that Perfect Amino offers, dramatically greater than dietary protein sources and equivalent to the utilization of MAP.
o At the low end of the spectrum are branched chain amino acids – only 1% of their content is utilized by the body with 99% resulting in waste that your body must then process and eliminate.
o Whey and soy proteins – only 18% or less of their content is utilized by the body with 83% leaving as waste.
o Food like meat, fish and poultry fare a bit better with 32% being absorbed and 68% being wasted.
o Eggs are the winners in the food stakes with 48% being utilized and 52% converted to waste.

Now compare those numbers to PerfectAmino – a massive 99% is put to work by the body, with only 1% leaving as waste. Not only that, but PerfectAmino is absorbed by the body within 23 minutes! And there is only 0.4 of a calorie per tablet. To purchase Click Here