Fearless – My Journey That Healed Breast Cancer – and my life, Through Faith, Food and Fun


When Venus Demarco was diagnosed with breast cancer, she did what anyone would do. She saw specialists, got second opinions and began weighing her options for a path to recovery. Unlike most individuals, though, her decision did not include cutting, burning or poisoning herself (surgery, radiation or chemo). Instead, she went on an international journey of self-discovery where she learned to heal not only her body, but also her mind and spirit. FEARLESS: My JOURNEY THAT HEALED BREAST CANCER – And My Life, THROUGH FAITH, FOOD, & FUN is Venus’ story of natural salvation from one of today’s most diagnosed diseases. This memoir will take you along on Venus’ life-changing (and at time humorous) adventure as she looks cancer in the face and, with God’s help, defeats it. This story will educate and inspire you to live a fuller and healthier life and to see the possibilities found on the road less traveled. Let’s prevent breast cancer and not wait around for a cure!


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