This post just touches on these subjects, and there are more than 5 things we can do, but I feel these are extremely important.

  1. Thoughts = stress Do you know that many researchers, scientists, and health practitioners believe that 98% of disease is caused by thoughts and cellular memories? I believe some people will get cancer repeatedly when they don’t get down to the roots of the cause and only treat the symptoms. Believing that the main cause of cancer is genetic, is just not true and there are many studies to prove that. Everyone has so many genes, there are people out there who may be more prone to cancer for many different reasons but from the research I’ve done these genes lie dormant until a thought activates them. Thoughts come in all forms and stress has a lot of toxic thoughts behind it. Then it takes two or more factors to turn on the cancer switch.

For more on this subject and more check out my blogs Cancer is the Perfect Storm! Observe your thoughts and don’t stuff your issues down — take care of them.

  1. A Toxic Environment Just as we are what we think, we are also what we eat, breathe, and touch. Most everyone knows this, but how many of us are making a conscious effort to improve in this area? Get the processed food out of your diet along with the large quantity of sugars. Eat only organic and when possible as much seasonal and local food. Eat at least 51% raw. Use all natural nontoxic cleaning products. Drink filtered, not bottled water. Put it in your own safe container such as glass. Nobody needs the chemicals and synthetic estrogens from plastic bottles.
  2. Mammograms Yes, I said mammograms. This procedure has as much radiation as 1000 chest X-rays. They increase the risks of developing breast cancer and raise the risk of spreading or metastasizing an existing growth. The better option is Thermography!
  3. Vitamin D3 D3 is not really a vitamin, but a pro hormone, and it reduces the risk of cancer. The best place to get it from sunlight. Sunshine is the most affordable cancer fighting nutrient. So, get outside at least 15 to thirty minutes a day without any sunblock and soak up the healing rays. It’s also a mood elevator.

What has been discovered is, as we age most people have a harder time converting sunlight into D-3 and should supplement with a D-3. It’s very important that your supplement has K-2 in it without this the D-3 cannot do its job correctly and K-2 has many health properties. Here is a link to the two I recommend and there is more information. I could go on about K-2. That’s for another time. Do some research on this very important supplement that is sometimes overlooked. Two different ones for you to check out. Spray D with K   Tablet form

  1. Sleep The immune system requires 8 to 9 hours of sleep. Ideally go to bed by 10pm and wake by 7am. These hours are the most natural cycle for our bodies. Sleep triggers growth hormone, which is so important for our good health. By not having any electronics nearby and by sleeping in a completely dark room, we preserve melatonin. Melatonin triggers a nocturnal reduction in our bodies’ estrogen levels, which in turn helps the body ward off or heal estrogen-related cancers. When we expose ourselves to nighttime light, our melatonin levels drop, and estrogen levels rise. Make it a habit to get good quality 8 to 9 hours of sleep in a completely dark room. Sweet Dreams.