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Up coming events in October

Please join me if your are in the Lady Lake Florida area. I will be speaking on “Nothing Just Happens” Do you believe illness and disease just happens? It doesn’t! Monday Oct 12th 1 PM Wellness 360 1000 Main St ...

Change Is Necessary

Change is not only necessary, it has a purpose. The thing is, it doesn’t always happen when we want it and sometimes it may not be what we desired. In my life I have always found that it might not ...

Second Review; A body firming cream and a skin care collection

I love skin care! After all I was in the Biz, over 30 years. I would like to bring you reviews on safe and effective skin, body care and supplements. I’m very passionate about these products being non-toxic, because after ...

Saying Goodbye – Is never easy.

For all of you pet lovers out there, you know what it means to lose a member of your family; it tears your heart right out of your chest. I rescued Iggy when he was five years old, his life ...

My testimony on the 700 Club!

I was truly honored to share my story on the 700 Club (02/06/2015) To view; click on link below  

My first Review on a Health or Beauty product.

Some of you might know that I was in the the Skincare field for over 30 years and left it a little over a year and half ago. I left to pursue my dream as an Author, Speaker, and Advocate ...

Almost had to say Goodbye!

I think of myself as a person who has a healthy outlook on life AND death. I mean death is inevitable, right? All living things eventually die. When we have an elderly friend or relative die, we will likely say, ...

I entered A Hot Raw Chef contest. How fun!

This contest is so much fun, 5 ingredients in 5 minutes. My own recipe “Holiday Stuffing” If it moves you please vote for me! Thank you! Videos

Your Rock Star System

It’s Your Rock Star System. Your lymphatic system is the body’s own personalized garbage man. I have been fascinated with it since the 80’s when I first learned manual lymphatic drainage from the Vodder Institute out of Austria. Dr. Vodder ...

Got Snot?

 Got some health issues? Like an abundance of mucus. But I Love Cheese! Milk does a body good. Or does it? Let’s take a hard look on the facts about dairy. ...

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